In the media:


Dutch startup Block has just crafted the perfect antidote to your digital dummy with this case
— GQ Magazine

The aim is to break our gadget addiction and bring back good old face-to-face communication
— The Guardian

It’s time to virtually disconnect and re-engage with those you call family and friends
— Wallpaper* Magazine

Block, a hexagonal metal box into which you and your friends, family, colleagues etc... pop your phones when you are together
— Flow Magazine

The use of Block makes one’s willingness to engage with others especially clear and encourages others to put their devices away as well
— Trendhunter

Sufferers of nomophobia (or no-mobile-phone-phobia), it’s time to check into smartphone rehab
— FashionBeans

The simpler alternative is simply to switch your phone off, but where’s the fun in that?
— Gourmet Traveller